Here are the Leading Business and Work Apps That Make A Difference in Today’s World

Some apps are making the dreams of the digital nomad possible. You can live under the Cayman sun while working for that Miami or Silicon Valley startup. It is 2019, and dreams are becoming a reality.

Today’s world is driven by digital technology, and there is no doubt about this. Now, you can work with a team whose members are in different parts of the world.

How this works is simple, and thanks to the leading apps that are making this possible.

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Work and Collaboration Apps

If you are running an Internet or project-based company, you might want to consider some leading collaboration apps.

Slack and Trello come up as a ready mention. While these two share similar features they can be used together for best results.

On slack, you can enjoy messaging and updates with ease. For a team that is less than 10, you do not have to pay anything to get the best out of this app.

For Trello, the work updates, files and images can be easily seen, revised and scheduled.

All that you need to use these apps is a ready email account that will enable you to register, and you can then add team members afterwards.

Compared with Facebook and Google Messengers or hangouts, you can avoid external distractions when using Slack and Trello.

You will be focus on your task at hand and shut out social media updates while you work.

Discover The Apps That Are Connecting Our World Even More

The modern world has been transformed by the power of the Internet such that our way of life has changed in countless ways.


Telegram is making a difference that can be considered unsung. The successes recorded by the launch of cryptocurrencies and ICOs can be partly attributed to the ease of use of Telegram.

This app shares the same name with the good old Telegram used ages ago to send messages between parties.

In today’s world, Telegram is available for use around the world with a simple download from your iOS or Android stores.

With a mobile phone number, your account can be verified to enable you use the full functionality.

Instant messages can be sent between parties, and online communities can be built with this app.

The good fortune is that no matter where you live on earth, you can join any community you want.

What better way to share, collaborate, and reach new talents across the globe.

Other Apps

The modern world has been transformed by the power of the Internet such that our way of life has changed in countless ways.

These changes are not only social, but also political and economic. Many known apps that are connecting our world even more than what most people realize are available on most mobile devices.


LinkedIn is among the apps that are connecting our world even more. It is a networking app for professionals.

And this is designed in such a way, that your skills, education and work history becomes the building blocks for the network you develop or join.

Professional groups or associations have their networks on LinkedIn and their members can easily become active using this app.

This app is available across mobile devices and can be downloaded on IOS and Android.


Twitter is a popular app people use to post messages online. What you post on your twitter page, also known as timeline, can be seen across the globe.

People who share your interests and persuasions can become your ‘follower’ by clicking the follow button.

People from the other side of the world’s time zone can become acquainted with you on this platform even though you never met physically.

No doubt Twitter is one of the apps that are connecting our world even more.


The Facebook app is also available on mobile devices and other web enabled devices across the globe.

It is presently the most successful social app with more than 1 billion active users.

Users from Africa, Asia and Australasia have find friends across the world in America, Europe and the Middle East that they would never have been acquainted at any time in their lifetime.

Facebook has helped many people to find business links they never could have dreamt of. What ease this brings about!

There is no doubt that Facebook is one of the apps that are connecting our world even more.